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South Coast Accommodations

Your Perfect Stay in The South Coast

The South Coast boasts extensive breathtaking white sandy beaches that make it a favorite destination for both local and international tourists. It can only be accessed via the Likoni ferry from Mombasa or by air, with the region being served by the Ukunda Airport in Ukunda. The most popular destination in the area is Diani Beach, which has the majority of the resorts that guests flock to. The South Coast stretches from Mombasa, south to Shelly and Tiwi Beach, then to Diani Beach, Galu Beach, Msambweni, Funzi, and Chale Islands before ending at Wasini Island and Shimoni Beach, which lies at Kenya’s border with Tanzania. Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park is one of the main attractions in the area, allowing visitors to do activities such as snorkeling and diving. The Shimoni Slave Caves offer a look into the history of the region and the global impact of the slave trade before it was abolished.


Just over 30 km from Mombasa, this is the premier destination in the area, with about 10km of pristine uninterrupted white sandy beaches. It is typically the busier location on the South Coast and has numerous resorts. It can be accessed via road from Mombasa or by air landing at the nearby Ukunda Airport.

Some of the accommodations in the area are:

Nomad Beach Resort (The Sands at Nomad)

This stunning boutique resort is located along Diani Beach and offers amazing accommodations in this amazing location. The accommodations offered range from rooms and suites, to cottages and a private villa. The resort has 3 superb restaurants and offers an extensive wine collection of old and new world wines. The facility offers water sports, excursions, diving and more. It is perfect for anyone looking for a unique accommodation for their vacation.

nomad beach resort Kairi Tours and Safaris

Elewana AfroChic Diani Beach

The Jewel of Diani is an intimate 10-room villa-style boutique hotel that offers exclusivity unlike any other location. The attention to detail at this place is unmatched and guests can expect to be pampered and attended to, thanks to excellent staff service. It is perfect for romantic getaways and honeymoons, offering unparalleled privacy and exclusivity.


This small fishing town has a laid-back and tranquil feel that would attract guests looking for a quiet intimate getaway. Although just a 30-minute drive from Diani, it has neither the large number of tourists found in Diani nor the many resorts. Life here is at a slower pace, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful beaches and unwind.

Some of the accommodations here include:

Sawa Sawa Beach House

This small eco-friendly boutique hotel is located on the Northern beach in Msambweni and offers guests exclusivity and privacy during their stay. This is perfect for honeymooners or as a romantic gateway, owing to the intimacy the place provides. There are no TVs around and no loud music, which accentuates the sound of the waves crashing on its private beach. There’s a swimming pool and the beach offers access to the ocean where you can engage in watersports. Featuring just 8 rooms, you are sure to get all the service and attention to detail you would require from the staff. There is a restaurant on site and they offer a delicious continental or buffet breakfast.

Msambweni Beach House

Located on the Southern beach of Msambweni, this luxurious boutique hotel is a gem in this area. It offers exclusivity like none other with a private 2 km beachfront to boost. The resort features 4 opulent master suites, and 3 private villas with their private plunge pools. The dining experience at this beach house is beyond exquisite, offering a variety of cuisines to cater to each guest’s discerning palate. Unique activities are offered such as whale shark excursions, scuba diving, fishing, sailing, and more.

Funzi Island

Funzi Island is a nature lover’s paradise, owing to its beautiful secluded beaches, mangrove forests, mixed forests, and wetlands. With only about 1500 people living on the island, one can get lost in nature’s tranquil embrace during a visit there. It’s near the famous Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park and is home to avifauna as well as being the hatching grounds of several endangered turtle species.

The Funzi Keys

Being the only resort on this secluded island (as of early 2024), guests are offered a unique memorable stay, with picturesque ocean views and the surrounding forests engulfing them in nature’s embrace. The food and service is incredible, and the open-plan design of the place allows for an integration between nature and the premises. Touring the island is one of the main activities here, as well as exploring the amazing beaches and boat excursions.

Chale Island

This charming small island is surrounded by stunning white sandy beaches and plays home to about 31 acres of protected forests, hidden inland lakes, and mangroves. It has a pristine coral reef that can be accessed from the North or South of the island, bestowing on it a diverse offering of marine life. This makes it a top snorkeling and scuba diving hotspot, with whale sharks migrating into the area between November and February each year. The deep waters around this lovely island attract deep-sea fishing from around the world.

The Sands at Chale Island

This luxurious 75-guest capacity resort sits on the only developed portion of Chale Island. The accommodations range from deluxe rooms to ocean-view bands, an overwater suite, and a stand-alone suite on a tiny private islet. The destination immerses guests in peaceful nature and is the perfect romantic getaway. The resort has 7 unique restaurants and bars, which offer excellent dining options for its guests. There is a spa and wellness center, and activities such as deep-sea fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving are offered. The resort is committed to the conservation of the local environment and wildlife and frequently partners with local conservation groups and organizations in this endeavor.

Shimoni and Wasini Island

Shimoni is a quaint town that lies near the Kenya- Tanzania border, about 82 km from Mombasa. This town is full of history, with British colonial ruins to see as well as the famous Shimoni Slave Caves. The Shimoni forest, its beaches, and marine life are amazing attractions to explore with the most famous destination being the Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park. This marine park has abundant beautiful coral reefs and is teeming with marine life, making it an unbeatable snorkeling and diving site.

Wasini Island lies just 3 km opposite Shimoni in the Indian Ocean. It is the gateway to the Kisite Marine Park but Wasini village’s unique Swahili architecture makes it an attraction of its own. The laid-back vibe on this island as you explore it should leave you relaxed and your spirit calm. Wasini is also famous for its dolphin tour at the marine park. The dolphins can be seen year-round near the coral reefs.

Mwazaro Beach Lodge

This lovely retreat is located to the North of Shimoni town and has a 300 m beachfront surrounded by tranquil mangroves. The accommodations are grouped into deluxe beach rooms, makuti bungalows, standard and deluxe coral rooms, and suites. They offer unique activities like dolphin tours, local village tours, scuba diving, and more. Their food and service are of top-tier standards and it is a perfect homely stay away from the more crowded sections of the South Coast.

Shimoni Reef Lodge

The lodge is perched on the edge of Wasini Channel and offers breathtaking ocean views, extending to Tanzania’s Usambara mountain range. The rooms occur in cottages, a suite, and coral house configurations. The restaurant specializes in authentic Swahili cuisine and seafood, their signature meal being the local mangrove crab, served in different ways. Activities here may include exploring deserted beaches and islands, snorkeling, diving, fishing, kite surfing, swimming with dolphins, and more.

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