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7 Days Tarangire Ngorongoro

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Tarangire | Ndutu Area | Serengeti | Ngorongoro 

7 Days 6 Nights

Day 1: Tarangire National Park

  • Fuel up for your adventure with a delicious breakfast at your Arusha hotel. Your comfortable 4×4 Jeep awaits to whisk you away to Tarangire National Park.
  •  Witness majestic herds of elephants stroll through the landscape, their tusks glinting in the morning sun. Keep your eyes peeled for lions lounging in the shade of acacia trees, and elusive leopards stalking their prey. Look for unusual sightings like ostriches, the largest living bird.
  • Morning Game Drive: Embark on a thrilling morning game drive, exploring Tarangire’s diverse ecosystems – from acacia woodlands to seasonal swamps. Spot a dazzling array of wildlife, from graceful giraffes browsing on leaves to powerful buffaloes grazing alongside zebras and impalas.
  • Bush Lunch: Savor a delicious picnic lunch under the shade of an acacia tree, a quintessential African experience. Soak in the sights and sounds of the wilderness as you enjoy a delightful meal.
  • Afternoon Game Drive: As the golden light washes over the savanna, embark on an afternoon game drive. Search for nocturnal animals emerging from their daytime havens, witnessing the transformation of the landscape as twilight approaches.
  • Dinner and Overnight: Relax and unwind at a comfortable lodge in the park. Share stories of your incredible wildlife encounters under a star-studded sky before enjoying a delectable dinner.

Day 2: Ndutu Area (Serengeti National Park)

  • After breakfast, depart for the Ndutu area in the southern Serengeti, famous for the Great Migration during the calving season (December to March).
  • This is a prime spot to witness the wildebeest herds giving birth and witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of nature.
  • Spend the afternoon exploring the Ndutu plains, searching for predators like cheetahs and lions hunting the abundant prey.
  • Stay overnight at a comfortable lodge in the Ndutu area.

Day 3: Ndutu Area (Serengeti National Park)

  • Dedicate a full day to exploring the Ndutu area, maximizing your chances of witnessing the dramatic scenes of the Great Migration (if timed correctly).
  • Observe the intricate social dynamics of the wildebeest herds, from playful calves to territorial bulls.
  • Be on the lookout for other resident wildlife, including zebras, gazelles, and predators like jackals and hyenas.
  • Enjoy a scenic picnic lunch amidst the vast plains, soaking in the beauty of the African savanna.

Day 4 : Serengeti National Park

  • Travel north to the central Serengeti, the heart of the park and home to endless plains stretching towards the horizon.
  • Embark on morning and afternoon game drives, searching for iconic animals like lions, elephants, buffaloes, and giraffes.
  • Explore different areas within the park, from the kopjes (granite outcrops) offering panoramic views to the Seronera River, a vital water source for wildlife.
  • Depending on the season, you might witness the awe-inspiring wildebeest migration thundering across the plains.
  • Spend two nights at a comfortable lodge or tented camp in the central Serengeti.

Day 5: Serengeti National Park

  •  Morning: After a delicious breakfast at your Serengeti lodge, fuel up for a thrilling morning game drive. Witness the Serengeti come alive as the golden light washes over the vast plains. Be on the lookout for iconic predators like lions and cheetahs on the hunt, alongside playful families of elephants and giraffes browsing on acacia leaves. Keep your eyes peeled for the ever-present wildebeest and zebra herds thundering across the landscape.
  • Picnic Lunch: Savor a delectable picnic lunch under the shade of an acacia tree, a quintessential African experience. Soak in the sights and sounds of the wilderness as you enjoy a delightful meal.
  • Afternoon Game Drive: As the afternoon heat sets in, embark on another exciting game drive. Explore the diverse ecosystems of the Serengeti, from acacia woodlands to sprawling grasslands and stunning alkaline lakes teeming with birdlife. Look out for elusive predators like leopards and hyenas emerging from their daytime hiding spots.
  • Dinner and Overnight: Relax and unwind at your comfortable lodge within the Serengeti National Park. Share stories of your incredible wildlife encounters under a star-studded sky before enjoying a delectable dinner.

Day 6: Ngorongoro Crater

  • Depart from the Serengeti and head towards the Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Formed by a massive volcanic eruption millions of years ago, the crater is a wildlife sanctuary with a diverse ecosystem.
  • Descend into the crater floor for a game drive, spotting a high concentration of animals due to the natural enclosure.
  • Look for black rhinos, elephants, lions, zebras, and a variety of antelopes within the crater.
  • Spend the night at a lodge perched on the rim of the crater, offering breathtaking views.

Day 7: Departure

  • After a final breakfast at your lodge, relax and enjoy the scenery as you depart for Arusha or your onward destination.
  • Take with you unforgettable memories of your Tanzanian safari adventure, filled with remarkable wildlife encounters and stunning landscapes.

Optional Activities:

  • Consider adding a hot air balloon safari over the Serengeti for a bird’s-eye view of the vast plains and the migration (if applicable).
  • Visit a Maasai village and learn about their unique culture and way of life.

Things to Consider:

  • The best time to visit for the Great Migration is from December to March in the Ndutu area and from May to July in the northern Serengeti.
  • Choose your accommodation based on your preferences, with options ranging from comfortable lodges to luxurious tented camps.
  • Pack comfortable clothing suitable for safari activities, including binoculars, sunscreen, and a hat.


  • Meet, Greet and Assist services.
  • Park fees at Tarangire National Park,  Serengeti National Park, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
  • Full board accommodation while on Safari.
  • Game drives in the game reserve.
  • A professional driver/guide.
  • Transport in a comfortable safari vehicle with a pop-up roof for game viewing.
  • Drinking water while on safari.


  • Tips to service providers (Highly Recommended)
  • Maasai cultural village visit and other optional activities.
  • All expenses of a personal nature (e.g. drinks, laundry, optional activities, souvenirs etc.)
  • Drinks and any other item not specified above.
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