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Stripes Across the Savannah

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Experience the captivating beauty of zebras on a safari adventure in the heart of Africa. Their black and white stripes create a mesmerizing sight as they gracefully move across the savannah. Zebras’ stripes serve as both camouflage and a symbol of individuality, showcasing nature’s artistry.

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Baby zebras are the cutest. Here are some additional disclosers about them:

  • The gestation period is 12-13 months (pregnancy).
  • Baby zebras are called foals.
  • They are born well developed and with stripes, at birth the stripes look white and brown.
  • They have very fuzzy fur, both the fuzziness and colour changes as they grow.
  • During the foal’s first two days of life, the mother usually keeps her foal away from all other zebras to learn how to identify her appearance, sound and smell.
  • At birth, a zebra weighs an average of 70 pounds / 30kg.
  • They usually have one baby at the time.
  • Most foals can stand within 10-20 minutes after birth. Within an hour, it is walking and has the ability to run. This is crucial to its survival because young zebras are particularly vulnerable to predators.
  • Most zebras are fully weaned between 7 and 11 months of age, but the mother continues to lactate for up to 16 months after giving birth.
  • Foals begin grazing when they are 1 week old.
  • Zebras are herbivores, dining on grasses, shrubs, leaves, herbs and other plant material. As the foal follows his mother closely throughout his first year, he observes which flora to consume.
  • The foal also learns the herd’s migratory route to navigate between the cyclical dry and rainy seasons, as well as the invaluable lesson of keeping a watch for predators.
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