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Exploring Kenya’s Popular & Serene Game Reserve of The Western Circuit in 2023.

One of Kenya’s most famous safari destination is located in the south western region of Kenya. Known mostly because of a wonder of the world the wildebeest migration and the indigenous nilotic group the maasai. Given the shot brief you all got a clue of what the game reserve is the great Maasai Mara national reserve.

Maasai Mara is more than just the most popular wildlife park in Kenya, in most case it’s probably the reason people travel to Kenya. Mara is a classic African savannah. The vast savannah is arguably one of the best protected reserves of the African continent.it is home of glamorous, attractive &magical wild animals.

Most safari tourist have a dream of spotting the termed animals referred as the big five. Luckily the game reserve is a good sighting of the African elephant, lion, leopard, cape buffalo and rhinoceros. There are other various mammals including the giraffes, cheetahs, warthogs, wildebeest, zebras and lots of other animals.

Maasai Mara is located in Narok county 2 hours west of Nairobi, this ramshackle provincial town is the maasai Mara main access point. it is not that great for independent travelers, as prices reflect the heavy tourist traffic the region sees and narok is rife with souvenir sellers, transport tout and rip off merchants. Its 258km from the capital of Kenya Nairobi accessible by both road and air.


It was originally established in 1961 as a wildlife sanctuary the Mara covered only 520 km squared of the current area including the Mara triangle. Area was extended in 1961 to cover 1821 km squared and converted to a game reserve. Narok county council took over management of the reserve at the time.

Later in 1984 the reserve was reduced to 1510 km squared of open rolling grasslands, the northern extension of the equally famous Serengeti plains, are actually the agglomeration of the narok*managed by the narok county council and Trans Mara national reserves*managed by Mara conservancy. the game reserve is accessible via several gates.

The gates are six, sekenani gate, talek gate, musisra gate, oloololo gate, ololaimutia gate and sand river gate. They are well distributed at most convenient and popular places that lead to the reserve and to favour all guests entering the reserve at any point.

Sekenani gate

This is the main gate and most preferred for it is on the Narok town main road. The best accommodation options are keekorok lodge, enkolong tented camp, sekenani camp, AA Mara lodges, Mara springs safari camp and Mara sarova.

Talek gate

is amongst the most developed gate in Mara. It is located in the north western side maasai Mara next to river talek which acts as the natural boundary for eastern and western region. There are accommodation options like Mara interpids tented camp, Mara Simba lodge, azure Mara havens and several others.

Musiara gate

is located on the north eastern end of maasai Mara national reserve short distance east of oloololo gate though on the opposite side of the Mara river. Accommodation options include kandili camp, governors camp, Karen Blixen camp and nyota Mara camp.

Oloololo gate

is located on the north eastern region of the reserve a short distance south of a tributaries of river Mara .it is accessed through singorkaboson road and aitong road, where you can drive to Mara river and also the walls of the rift valley known as oloololo escarpments. Best accommodation offers near the gate arebentim mara camp, Mara big five lodge, Fairmount mara safari club and oltome mara magic resort among others.

Oloolamuita gate

is located in the suburbs of oloolaimutia town in the midst of the hilly eastern end of the reserve. Best accommodation option is a secure budget camp known as RHINO TOURIST CAMP, it has the most ultimate experience offering magnificent views across the eastern reaches of the camp. The tented camps are linked by a pathway neatly framed by well-maintained flower bushes, manicured lawns and flanked by indigenous trees. The campsite offers the feeling of the tranquility of the bush .Interested parties can request booking from www.rhinotouristcamp.com or info@rhinotouristcamp.com there are also other options also Moran tented camp,siana springs tented camp, Mara sidai camp amongst others.

Sand river gate

is located on the northern banks of one mara river tributaries called sand river as well as a crossing point of the wildebeest migration. The gate is also on the southern border of the reserve some meters from the border between Kenya and Tanzania as well as the bologonja gate in Serengeti national park. The gate is rarely used due to the nearby border between Kenya and Tanzania being closed with most using the isebania border.

Maasai mara can also be accessed via air by maasai mara fly –in safaris .it is convenient compared to the 5-hour road journey from Nairobi since it is a one hour flight.it is possible to book for most camps and lodges and is also recommended for those who want to enjoy game drives in open sided safari vehicles.


Safari game drives and bush walks

whether you are bouncing over the plains in pursuit of exclusive elephant silhouettes or parked next to prides of lion roaring and bellowed breathes, game drives are the highlight of a trip to mara. With experienced and qualified drivers, you should enjoy the vast savannah grassland and the animals calling maasai mara their habitat and the whole of ecosystem and the migrations.


 are the perfect way to end along eventful day of game drives by enjoy dinner in the bushes and enjoying the unique experiences you watch over the Kenyan bush.it is mainly a happy hour to reflect the day’s events while relaxing.

Bush meals and picnics in Maaasai Mara Kenya

 this are the perfect surprises for an exciting morning, afternoon or evenings either before, during or after long game drives, where you experience unique dining in the jungle with astonishing views of the mara plains.

Cultural and community visit in Maasai Mara Kenya

The maasai people are well known for their unique culture and tribal dresses. The tribe is an indigenous ethnic group in Africa of semi-nomadic people who settled in Kenya and northern Tanzania. Tourist recognize them mostly since they are mostly the community living next to parks and game reserves and have been selling jewelry for decades as a way to earn their living. You can visit the maasai village and witness the celebrated culture of the Maa people showing off their rich culture which is mostly not affiliated by westernization.

Hot air balloons safaris Kenya

hot air ballon in the mara 1 Kairi Tours and Safaris

Here you get to experience the morning air as you scan the landscape for animals. Enjoying the picturesque views of other balloons floating around touched by the sun as it rises. Bringing your binoculars, you get to experience the ultimate animal viewing getting a lifetime experience.

To experience superb and best safari with experienced and qualified tour drivers and guides in maasai mara game reserve book with www.kairi.co.ke a tours and travel company in Kenya established 1984 making it the oldest indigenously owned .20 plus years of experience enables the company to focus on providing clients with authentic and stimulating experience of the safari.

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