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  • While Masai Mara is an all-year-round destination, you cannot afford to miss the Great Migration! Every year between the months of July and October herds from Serengeti stream into the Mara via the Mara River.
  • If you have enough time, ensure you have at least one full day in Masai Mara. A full day ensures a visit to the Mara River which is the point where the herbivores battle the crocodiles! Two full days, while OK, tends to become tedious and repetitive so while you may still want to do two days this is a pointer to consider!
  • There are two main modes of transport; air and road. You can fly to Mara on Fly 540, AirKenya, Safari link all of which have daily departures from Nairobi. If you choose to travel by road, you may pick from our fleet of Safari vans or request for a land cruiser.
  • There are various optional activities available while you are on Safari. Visits to Masai villages in both Masai Mara and Amboseli where for only US $20 per person you can interact with the ‘Maa’ people and learn their culture. Bike riding and hiking in Lake Naivasha’s Hell’s gate park which is the only park in Kenya where you can walk through as you view freely roaming wildlife. Other activities include boat rides in Lake Naivasha and Lake Bogoria for US $25 per person.

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